A biography of audrey flack

As a teenager, she attended a specialized arts public institution, the High School of Music and Art.

audrey flack invocation 1982

Education and Training Aged 13, and still disillusioned with high school, Flack successfully applied submitting a series of pencil drawings on typewriter paper and copied faces from newspaper photographs and advertisements for a place at the Music and Art High School in New York City.

An apple may be red or green, or yellow or various mixtures. The innovation was using photographs as the foundation of her work. Her iconography was drawn from classical tradition, ancient mythology and feminism and she combined these symbols with fruit, foliage, drapery and emblems of modern American culture such as guns, aeroplanes, and military figurines.

Besides paintings of vernacular objects which were the commentary on the construction of femininity, that method led to paintings fulfilled with sociopolitical commentary. Writing Exercises Poetry- Descriptive List Poem Some great poems are nothing more than a list that describes a thing, person, or place.

Photorealism, in many ways, is a sister genre to pop art : depicting ordinary, mundane items, often as still-lifes that imitate the realism of photography as closely as possible.

Morgan, Robert C. The fledgling sculptor began to use iconographic and mythological elements to communicate in her new medium.

Abstract Expressionism was the style du jour and Flack was enamoured by the likes of Franz Kline and Jackson Pollockeven producing large scale abstractions that followed in their footsteps.

What does each work say about the time and place they were made? At junior high school, however, Flack was a restless and disruptive student and as punishment she was often sent to a desk in the corridor where she was given pencils and paper to keep her occupied.

Her painting Marilyn Vanitasexemplifies this aspect of her work in its subject, Marilyn Monroe, and its representation of objects traditionally associated with femininity. The Legacy of Audrey Flack Audrey Flack photographed in with her Self Portrait, behind her Though it does her aesthetic reach a considerable disservice, Flack is best known for her contribution to the Photorealist movement of the s, taking her place alongside the likes of Malcolm Morley, Chuck Close and Wayne Thiebaud.

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Audrey Flack, Pioneer of Photorealism