A comparative essay on two adverts from magazines

All advertisements are aimed at specific target audiences and as such require different ideas, linguistic devices and presentational features to attract them.

commercial comparison essay

This essay will compare these four adverts and also portray the way they use certain techniques to attract the viewer into buying into their products. Women are not portrayed as strong people in most advertisements and because of that, there becomes a normalcy to women not being strong people, which in the long run creates stereotypes The Tiger Beer advert was made to appeal to men from the age of 20 to If the advertisement has persuaded the reader, it has more that likely already attracted them.

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The ad gives you the desire that you want to look like Kate Moss and to do that you should buy the lipstick. I can answer this question in one word, literacy My business is pretty awesome!

Ads comparing two products

The text of the advertisement helps to persuade the consumer to buy the product. It has always been difficult to assess the benefits of TV advertising as advertisers have traditionally had only a vague idea of who may have seen a particular advert and the actual impact on them. Companies need people to consume in order for the economy to flourish. My second advertisement is from Nivea Lip Care, a cosmetics company specialising in caring for your lips with other products on the market like lip balms. Not only can the Internet provide a superior quantity of information, but it also gives individuals the freedom of choice in what they read and view. This makes them the first thing you notice on the page. Throughout the advertisement many viewers can visualize the content of the ad by the.

The second is to bug, annoy, and make as many people mad as possible. Or it can be as complex as: The owner really wants people to fell calm, stable, and happy here; so they dress the main actors in blue to convey this The money that it makes is inestimable because it successfully sells, and attains most the aims of their business.

This alone suggests that the product you are buying will be of good quality. I chose this advertisement because I think this product has the potential to be ground-breaking and truly help the world, but the advertisement shows the product in a negative light.

Just take a look around and see how many ads can be found. The following paragraphs will go in depth to interpret the pathos, logos, and ethos of both the billboard and the television advertisements

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A Comparison of Two Advertisements