A comparison of ancient athenian and spartan cultures

To build this remarkable army, elders in Sparta tested every newborn for weakness and deformities.

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Sparta was content to keep to itself and provided aids and assistance when necessary to other states. Girls from wealthy families often had arranged marriages with men of a higher class, while girls from poorer families usually had more choice.

athens and sparta similarities and differences

Education Athens: Male Athenians received a very well-rounded education. Received physical training to have strong children. Unlike Sparta, men were not forced to join the army, they had the freedom to do anything that they desired.

Athens and sparta similarities

Athens and its allies, known as the Delian League , came into conflict with the Spartans and the Peloponnesian league, and in BC a war broke out between the two cities - a war based on trade routes, rivalries, and tributes paid by smaller dependent states. In medieval times, the city of Sparta was destroyed by many invasions. Slavery made this possible by freeing the young men from household and industrial duties and allowing them to focus on their military duties. They can also own lands and properties and were not confined to household chores. Athens became the foremost trading power of the Mediterranean by the 5th century BC. Interaction with other Greek states Sparta was content to keep to itself and provided army and assistance when necessary to other states. A few girls also learned ancient secret songs and dances for religious festivals. Athens was also a leading trading power in the Mediterranean during the 5th century BC. Athens placed a high importance on education. At the age of 30 a Spartan was entitled to vote and would be allowed to stay at home.

In a mess, men ate together to encourage them to grow close to one another, which would help them be united in battle. Conclusion Spartans were militarily brave and strong, but to achieve that they sacrificed almost all cultural expression.

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