A discussion on the potential solutions for overcoming poverty

Make international aid a bigger part of legislation Not all countries can lift themselves out of poverty without help. Get the Latest on Poverty Press Contact. Not necessarily.

Ways to overcome poverty

Perhaps micro-financing might work well in Kenya, but have little impact in India. In many developing countries there is scarcely any such system. Paid leave is an important anti-poverty policy, as having a child is one of the leading causes of economic hardship. And the Healthy Families Act would enable workers to earn up to seven job-protected sick days per year. These data should serve as a wake-up call that policy action is needed to provide greater economic stability and opportunity for all Americans. The influential book Why Nations Fail argues very convincingly that — throughout history — it is these sorts of institutions that have been responsible for some countries becoming rich and others poor. Without understanding the extent and causes of poverty within a community and without involving community actors, efforts were often wasted. Furthermore, a lifetime ban —for individuals with felony drug convictions—on receiving certain types of public assistance persists in more than half of U. Provide paid leave and paid sick days The United States is the only developed country in the world without paid family and medical leave and paid sick days, making it very difficult for millions of American families to balance work and family without having to sacrifice needed income. To better the school system in developing nations, not only do the resources and school building need to be improved, but the teachers need to be trained properly and paid. Focus on Family Planning and Reproductive Health In most countries, women from poor households are less likely to use family planning services than wealthier women, even when poor women want to delay or avoid pregnancy.

In a study of 56 surveys from around the world, the poorest women had about twice as many children, on average, as the wealthiest women.

In Augustlow-wage industries such as food services, retail, long-term care, home health care, and temporary help comprised 37 percent of new jobs in the private sector.

How can poverty be solved

A recent Economic Policy Institute analysis showed that in the past year, real hourly wages declined for all workers except those in the bottom 10 percent of the wage distribution, with workers in states that raised their minimum wages accounting for the increase. Improving the mobility and opportunities of young workers will require improving job quality. This will help identify problems in a range of areas and will ensure that as much support as possible is being given. Trade is the key to growth and prosperity. High fertility, young childbearing, and short pregnancy intervals tend to be associated with poor child and maternal health, lower educational attainment, lack of economic opportunities, and restricted social mobility. In these communities, programs are more successful if staff can provide services to people in their homes. It remains endemic in much of sub-Saharan Africa, where more than one-half of the population lives in extreme poverty. These trends and their implications are examined below. Expand Medicaid Since it was signed into law in , the Affordable Care Act has expanded access to high-quality, affordable health coverage for millions of Americans. According to the new Census data, People abroad and domestically need to speak up People in struggling countries need to vote if they can for initiatives to help solve poverty things like education funding and gender equality laws , and those abroad need to vote to make poverty a focal point of legislation.

Making sure a country has good healthcare is essential to alleviating poverty. While the questions revolving around how to solve poverty are complex and face dead ends at times, there are solutions to the problem. In some cultures, women may not have the freedom to travel alone or without a male companion.

ways to reduce poverty in the world

On average, poor families who pay out of pocket for child care spend one-third of their incomes just to be able to work. Similarly, if we close the gender wage gap, we can cut the poverty rate of working women and their families in half and add nearly half a trillion dollars to our gross domestic product.

Make education a priority A huge factor in how to solve poverty involves education.

solutions to poverty in india

For example, the landmark Family Planning and Maternal Child Health FPMCH program in Matlab, Bangladesh, found that children who lived in villages with these integrated health services were more likely than those in other villages to have received all their basic vaccinations against childhood diseases.

However, 23 states continue to refuse to expand their Medicaid programs to cover adults up to percent of the federal poverty level—making the lives of many families on the brink much harder.

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10 Ways to Reduce Poverty in the World