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Kathryn Janeway and Neelix stumble out of the ready room. While in the Badlands, Voyager is enveloped by a powerful energy wave that kills several of its crew, damages the ship, and strands it in the galaxy's Delta Quadrantmore than 70, light-years from Earth.

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For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post. She does the following: She reprograms the Doctor to tamper with his medical judgement, making him willing to perform the procedure. When the Doctor expresses reservations at performing the procedure, she tries to get her husband to convince him. They are searching for a missing ship piloted by a team of Maquis rebels, which Voyager's security officer, the Vulcan Lieutenant Tuvok , has secretly infiltrated. As they set out on their projected year journey home, the crew passes through regions belonging to various species: the barbaric and belligerent Kazon ; the organ-harvesting, disease-ravaged Vidiians ; the nomadic hunter race the Hirogen ; the fearsome Species from fluidic space; and most notably the Borg , whose home is the Delta Quadrant, so that Voyager has to move through large areas of Borg-controlled space in later seasons. This changed when Voyager went fully CGI for certain types of shots midway through season three late So the ship's doctor shows her a holographic projection of what the child will look like, and it is clear that the child will also show heavy Klingon physical traits. Today will be no different. Janeway to avoid the Krenim and of the phase variance of their torpedo's but Cpt. Who wrote this essay? So basically, she's telling her husband, her friends and her commanding officer that, no matter what they may have to say, she's doing what she wants and that's the end of it. Undeterred, B'Elanna tries to get the Captain to force the Doctor to perform the procedure.

Due to the deaths of the ship's entire medical staff, the Doctoran emergency medical hologram designed only for short-term use, is employed as the ship's full-time chief medical officer. I don't know that I entirely blame the character as a concept As he did with Seven of Nine, the Doctor rehumanizes the children; Azan, Rebi and Mezotithree of them eventually find a new adoptive home while the fourth, Ichebchooses to stay aboard Voyager.

He was a full-blooded Klingon but had been raised on Earth by human parents.

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Kim and Kes, at the same time, say "none. Seven and Neelix discovers that the Captain's aunt had the details of O'Donnel's life wrong.

The Captain wisely refuses to do so.

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Essentially the script failed to convey B'Elanna's concerns as being at all rational, and, as usual, B'Elanna comes off as belligerent, stubborn and aggressive rather than sympathetic and relatable. Who wrote this essay? They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error. Life for the Voyager crew evolves during their long journey. I love Star Trek, even though I've turned criticizing it into a sort of hobby. He discovers his love of music and art, which he demonstrates in the episode " Virtuoso ". Does she accept the wisdom of the people around her that she claims to respect and hold in high regard? For more information on choosing credible sources for your paper, check out this blog post. Now as it happens, she's a half Human half Klingon hybrid, and had a rough childhood filled with bullying from other kids, and guilt for feeling like it was her fault her father left her mother. Most helpful essay resource ever! Tuvok reports that the debris cloud consists of "differentially-charged polaric ions. Mutiny Endangering fellow crewmates by restricting access to sickbay Initiating an unlawful medical procedure If it were lawful, the Captain would have no authority to say no Not to mention the morally and ethically questionable acts of: Tampering with a friend's mind to force them to see things her way The Doctor Making a unilateral decision about the child without regard for the father's side and forcing her wishes Abusing her technical skills to subvert ship's security, systems and equipment Making unnecessary and risky modifications to her child's body based solely on her own unhappy childhood experiences Demonstrating a willingness to place her own wishes and judgement over that of her doctor, her Captain and her husband.

Now, I get that the purpose of this episode was probably to examine the ethical ramifications of fiddling with genetics, trying to produce children with certain traits, etc.

Its tele-theater and the flexibility of the science fiction universe created by generations of Star Trek writers and production staff accommodate this and more, with the theatrical devices forming a palette of plot tools.

Due to its great distance from Federation spacethe Delta Quadrant is unexplored by Starfleetand Voyager is truly going where no human has gone before. Undeterred, B'Elanna tries to get the Captain to force the Doctor to perform the procedure.

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