Analysis of zaras marketing plan and strategy

Store location: The company always tries to find the perfect location and ensure its brand is visible to as many people as possible Store window: The first meeting point with the customer and the place where Zara advertises the next season's look Interior design and store image: Has to be right every time.

The information from literature review and pilot project was used to establish the effectiveness of the questionnaires to be used in the actual data gathering.

zara pricing strategy

As a marketing strategy, Zara offers varying rage of brands for various buyers depending on their purchasing power. Promotion: Minimum Advertising Zara uses 0.

Zara digital marketing

From the research, it has emerged that product and place are the most significant elements of Zara marketing plan. The data from this section will be supported by the findings from Zara surveys. It joins household names like Google, Apple, Amazon and Nintendo as one of the fastest-rising brands on the highly regarded Interbrand Best Global Brands listing for Several benefits and economical costs are described to observe either it would be a wise move or not. Some argued that they did not focus much on promotions since their main focus was on enhancing their quality. Zara ensures that their pricing system is market and brand oriented. Zara creates brand evangelists By making the brand experience meaningful and the exchange valuable, Zara taps the potential of its customers to evangelize the brand. References 12, It will not appear any of the sensitive words in the research or during the interview. Having a good image projection of the store is vital as this is Zara's most effective marketing communications tool.

The next set of questions will focus on establishing the factors behind the rapid growth of Zara as a company. This approach enables generalization of a study and deals with issues from a broader perspective EuropeCotten, According to Dogra the price should be determined by the cost of production, the purchasing power of the customers and spending habits.

The qualitative methodology helps in obtaining in-depth information regarding the research question.

Zara target market and positioning

Zara can offer considerably more products than similar companies. This is because a new design creates euphoria and numerous people tend to frequent Zara wanting to get the most recent design. London: Sage. Using both methods is crucial since the research shows the trends in addition to providing insights on the various trends, as will be demonstrated in this research. One company that doesn't have to worry too much is global fashion retail chain Zara. Promotion: Minimum Advertising Zara uses 0. Journal of retailing and consumer services, 13 4. The strategic position of the stores ensures the produced products are sold within the appropriate time span reading to smo0th chain of flow of products from manufacture to sale.
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Zara Marketing Plan Essay Example