Attractiveness and prison sentence length

It seems that rapid thinking makes one susceptible to such psychological distortions. Their results showed that those defendants who were more attractive tended to receive smaller fines then those who were less attractive. Interestingly, baby-faced adults had no effects in claims of negligent actions. This means, women were more likely to find a defendant guilty when the victim was attractive. Because of this I hypothesized that the attractive blue-collar criminal would receive a lighter sentence and the unattractive defendant would receive a harsher sentence because he fits the stereotype. The mock jury consistently awarded fewer damages to the unattractive defendant. Contrariwise, one could argue that unattractive persons are more likely to engage in criminal activities because their lesser endowment in looks obviates legitimate means of value-access. Kayson [9] Is Justice Really Blind? Zebrowitz and Susan M.

They then had the students assign a prison term for each case. Jurors may be influenced by the mannerisms of criminals and victims. They repeated the studies a few times with variations and received similar results.

Attractive and unattractive criminals were found guilty at equal rates.

attractiveness of defendant

When an attractive person is directly compared to an unattractive person, the attractive person is seen as more attractive and the unattractive person is seen as less attractive. There is a silver-lining here.

Simulated juries miss many of the characteristics found in real court cases. It was hypothesised that the attractive defendant used her attractiveness in the swindle case, and the jurors held this with disapproval. Kulka and Joan B. However, this is not supported. Here are a few: The relationship of attractiveness to litigation processes may be of four basic types. It seems that rapid thinking makes one susceptible to such psychological distortions. We perceive attractive people as: more intelligent[33]; more socially skilled[34]; possessing more socially desirable qualities[35]; more appealing personalities[36]; more likely to generally succeed[37]; more altruistic[38]; and more moral[39].

Therefore when a crime is committed it is easier to place blame on a defendant who most fits that stereotype of the crime. Shepherd, Sandra L. Felonies: Curiously, felony fines had no correlation with the attractiveness of the criminal.

attractiveness and criminal sentencing

Laurens, Vaughan J.

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Facial Appearance and the Criminal Justice System