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And off course, needless to say, bring plenty of water. The temples of Bagan are extremely peaceful and it will happen quite some times that you will have the temple and its amazing view all for yourself. The country is much more primitive here.

Bagan photo essay

A surreal and breathtaking view! Modern day practice focuses more on the gentler side of Nat culture and ones favorite spirits are looked to bring success in everyday life. You start to wonder how this place would have been back in its glory days over years ago.

Wanna see more travel pics? A view from the entrance to Tha Beik Hmauk.

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The temples date from around the same period as those of Angkor. I recommend 2 to 3 days for the archaeological site of Bagan. The Buddhas are carved from a single piece of teak and constructed in the 11th Century. Sometimes it feels like you have all the temples of Bagan for yourself. And of course they ship worldwide. The second day I had put away my pride I chose the pink electric bike instead. My advice would be to buy some postcards off them only if they take you for a tour of some of the temples that visitors are able to climb. Large Buddhas made of stone sat in the shadows of the entrances, guarding the ancient relics. There are a handful of pagodas and temples that you can climb up and are usually full by sunrise. Many people rely on ox cart for transportation and the roads are often not paved. A view from the entrance to Tha Beik Hmauk. Plentiful supply of produce of all types. A slight haze is surrounding the temples which stretch as far as the eye can see. Bagan is a fascinating place!

Photo Essay I got to Bagan at 4 in the morning with the overnight bus from the capital, Yangon. The morning was spent walking around the Min Nan village and exploring the stupas and temples of the area.

All of them were kind and curious.

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I needed some time to take this all in; just Wow! Outfitters are plentiful, but I went with the one across the street from the hostel. It is a simple way of life. Landing in the early morning is like stepping into a fairy tale. The area is still home to over structures, so you can imagine how many must have filled the area in the 11th and 12th centuries. Each one depicts a story about Buddha. It was impressive to see the restoration work being done on the inside murals. And after a quick shower, I rented an electric bike and spent the next two days exploring. The internet has arrived, but it is slow and painful.
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Bagan, Myanmar: A Photo Essay