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The Devil tells him that a provision in the contract's fine print states that a selfless wish voids the contract. Elliot wakes up on a marble staircase, wondering if it is Heaven.

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Satan appears, pointing out that on their first meeting he asked for a Big Mac and Coke, although she had stated that it was a test wish. It made him crack and he signed the contract.

Answer: Cocaine He was a drug lord until Raoul stepped in and took his empire and his wife.

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Elliot admits that despite her manipulation of him he has come to like Satan and regards her as a friend, something she does not object to.

The roles she plays teacher, nurse, police officer, cheerleader can be viewed as objects of typical male sexual fantasies.

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The Devil Elizabeth Hurley , in the form of a beautiful woman, hears this wish and offers Elliot a contract. Fraser fully embraces this role and Hurley plays up her natural hotness with those uber -hot outfits the costume department had her in. Lastly, Elliot wishes to be President of the United States to try to improve the world and get Alison to take him seriously. He then wishes to be intelligent, witty and well-endowed. However, he doesn't know that the Devil will always spoil his wishes by adding something he doesn't want. She questioned him, what is soul? The program finally settles on Elliot Richards Brendan Fraser , a geeky, over-zealous man working a dead-end technical support job in a San Francisco computer company. When he returns to the real world, the Devil points out that he never wished for Alison to love him. Answer: played castanets I guess that should have given Elliot some warning of the Colombia drug lord reality to come, but no When the Devil pushes him to make a final wish, Elliot wishes that Alison could have a happy life. Each wish has Elliot living them out with Alison and his co-workers in surrogate roles.

Answer: 7 "You've got seven wishes After Elliot is again ditched by his co-workers at a bar while trying to talk to Alison, he says to himself that he would give anything for Alison to be with him.

It just prove that no matter how many number of wishes can have, three wishes, seven wishes, ten wishes from a devil or not it cannot guarantee love or a happy ending.

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