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A more serious crisis came a few months later, in October, when a U. Germans wanted freedom to decide their own fate. In , U. The rules were loosened on churches across the land. Unemployment also dropped from 7. The denial of the idea of closing the border was a plan to keep the flow of people escaping from increasing before the wall was built. The German people had

Those inside East Berlin were unable to leave and in many cases, extended families living on different sides of the border were stranded from each other completely. There were no in between grey sections. In March ofEast Germany held their first election in over sixty years.

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People whose houses stood where the separation was were no longer allowed to use their Western doors. Because of this, when the Cold War started, East and West Berlin were divided both in opinion and territory. He gradually became a staunch social and fiscal conservative. The reasoning towards building the Berlin Wall was to keep westerners from going into the east of Germany. Nevertheless, the Soviet Union would continue its efforts to expand Communism wherever it could do so without the threat of direct military intervention by the West, eventually seizing proxy control of Hungary and Czechoslovakia before once again turning its attention to Berlin in in a way that would dictate much of geopolitics and the course of what would come to be known as the Cold War for nearly the next three decades. In an interview on November 27, , Jerry Falwell said, "Many thought he was a hawk, but I never saw him that way at all. General Lucius C. West Berlin was frozen and starving, but they refused to give in. Ulbricht believed that people would desperately flee as soon as they heard of the plans for the wall. It was almost a large party. The Wall remained, but the Allies maintained right of access to East Berlin. The fall of the Berlin wall brought about the destruction of communism and the end of a time of fear and oppression making it one of the most influential occurrences in History.

Have we decided with the British and the French and the Germans what our response will be? Berlin: Ch.

Berlin wall term paper

People whose houses stood where the separation was were no longer allowed to use their Western doors. The Wall was built because of a long lasting suspicion between the Soviet Union on one side and Western Europe and the United States on the other. This would lead to a series of increasing border tension between the East and West that would eventually lead to the construction of The Berlin Wall.

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