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In order to forestall this in the hereafter. Initially, the de Havilland jets seemed to be sound aeronautics Pinto, Retrieved December9, from www. Identification of critical factors leading to their successful transformation as well as the steps, sequence, and risks taken to transform the organization and personal assessment of what could have been done differently is provided in this case study.

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During this period, external markets were more stable and predictable and there was no real need for BA to adopt competitive strategies, being that there was little competition from rivals.

Therefore, they would invest a portion of resources to manage and improve the environmental performance with different methods This is an issue due to the fact that the external environment is volatile and is affected by extreme variables.

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BA should also follow the latest airline updates in means of services and cabins, where there should be an improvement where the traveler can sense that their favorite airline is being up to date and making sure that the needs of the modern traveler are met. Finally I will propose timescales to achieve and monitor the strategy whilst identifying the resource requirements. The British Airways has a long history and airlines cover countries; include airplanes. All relevant data to carry out the case study. Daft states this method enables an organisation to allocate resources whilst analysing its market position to decide an appropriate strategy to improve or maintain operations. However, the most recent accounts that have been published tell a different story of how the year has been. Via its own operational and those of its alliance partners, British Airways serves 95 million passengers a year, using airports in 86 countries and more than 1, planes Most of plans are stay in Heathrow Airport which is the highest of main international airport.
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