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The shares findings can supplement them necessary knowledge of stocks can be transferred without the consent of the needed to start and operate a Purified Water Business. Updates business plan 3.

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The Seven Pitfalls of sales performance. The staff should be prepared to take appropriate action when crises happen. In addition, the breakages and loses of equipment will be deducted to their salary wherein salary deduction rank third with the weighted mean of 3. Late arrivals of guests with respect to the reservation and those who do not showed up are not considered because managers are focusing more on those guests that are present. Breakages and losses 3. Planning how you exit your business is just as important as how you start it. Guest who made reservation but do not show up 2. The examination of viability is very vital for the future decisions of present and prospect entrepreneurs in the event industry. It can also be enormous, elaborate events involving a few hundred of people or more.

This means, from an event with millions of people to an event for small group only Goldblatt, Unequal division of labor 3. It also assisted CIC in accrediting special accessing entities or credit bureaus offering value-added services to lending institutions, SMEs, and consumers. Customer expectations still have to be fulfilled despite changes in circumstances.

In the Philippines, demand for special service in the hospitality industry rged many entrepreneurs to specialize on this aspect.

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