Classicthesis tables

The labeling should be unique, to avoid collisions in large projects. If sections are very short or are naturally connected, they could be placed within same tex file. Finally, I'd like to suggest you use a threeparttable environment so that the caption, the tabular material, and any table notes all occupy the same width.

Additionally, this opens the possibility to use versioning systems without ending up with a lot of merge conflicts.

declaration page in latex

It is also easier to navigate when you're used to the structure. If you have something you'd like to patch up, you can be certain that it is placed at some position you know.

master thesis template

Chapters Chapters should be placed within the ch directory, and should have a short and descriptive name. I would also like to suggest that you a center the numeric information in columns 2 thru 6 on the decimal markers and b use the siunitx package and its S column type to do so; see the code below for a specific implementation.

It's convenient for development purposes, but serve no purpose other than point out Report structure The report is split up in many different parts: Abstract, chapters, sections inside chapters, figures and graphics, code and algorithms, as well as appendices and bibliography.

Otherwise, they should be placed within distinct files. One way to do this is to load the rotating package and to use a sidewaystable environment instead of the table environment.

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Fit table to page in Tabularx + classicthesis (x column and numeric)