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If you're just getting into the genre, hopefully this list will provide a great guide. SL Read: The Getaway Walter Mosley Mosley's Easy Rawlins is a classic film noir gumshoe with the twist that he's a black war vet at the dawn of the civil rights crusade.

JK Read: The Pledge Michael Gilbert The stories featuring Mr Calder and Mr Behrens, two seemingly benign old boys who are actually ruthless secret service assassins, are examples of this underrated writer's unnervingly civilised approach to horrific violence. One of America's finest novelists in any field.

She was good at writing, full stop. She has nearly four million books in print and writes romantic mysteries because she loves to see justice prevail. Ruth Ware, The Death of Mrs.

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Well known for her investigative characters Dr. Her first series of crime novels features the elderly naturalist, George Palmer-Jones. Emma Kavanagh. JK Read: Christine Falls John Dickson Carr The master of the "impossible crime", he claimed to have come up with 80 versions of the locked-room mystery, usually solved by his Falstaffian sleuth Dr Gideon Fell. Parker, Robert Crais, and pulp crime fiction authors like Jim Thompson. Her characters have captivated many crime fans over the years and a huge hole has been left in the literary world since she sadly passed away in November TC Read: Peril at End House Wilkie Collins The Moonstone established the genre's ground rules: red herrings; a long list of suspects; the man from Scotland Yard, and a nod to a pressing social issue, in this case opium addiction. This time, Anderson encounters deadly mischief during awards season.

She has run around muddy fields taking part in tactical exercises, has designed live fire training events, has been a VIP under bodyguard protection and has fired more than her fair share of weapons. Father Brown - his sceptical and worldly-wise priest - featured in dozens of exquisite entertainments.

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Great titles, too. Why did you kill off Jeffrey Tolliver? Parker talks After a debate that left senior members of the Telegraph's literary staff with pulled hair, black eyes and, in one case, an infected bite, we this week present our list of the 50 great crime writers of all time.

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Her novels usually hit the top of bestseller lists soon after release and many of her books have now been adapted into high-rating television dramas. She's relaxed into a more comfortable format. His most famous character — Inspector John Rebus — is particularly well-loved in the world of crime fiction and was even voted 2 in our poll of top detectives as voted by you. In Tim, Ann and their two daughters moved to Northumberland and the north east provides the inspiration for many of her subsequent titles. TC Read: The Patience of the Spider Henning Mankell Each book finishes with fatty Wallander crashing about the bushes in a tracksuit, but the Swede's existential misery is delightful and every novel is absorbing and satisfying. A couple of these books are seriously dreadful. Hate Highsmith?
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50 crime writers to read before you die