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How to cite this page Choose cite format:. The poet uses irregular rhyme throughout it.

the highwayman critical analysis

He wore a "bunch of lace at his chin" which suggests to the reader that he is classy. A rolling fog covered the land, one couldn't see twenty feet ahead, butin the still, quiet night, sound carried for a mile.

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It is a narrative poem which was written by Alfred Noyes, an English poet at the age of twenty four Noyes, A day which will never come. Had they heard it?

Thesis statement for the highwayman

Hewas accompanied by another man with a large rifle. These are the themes of love, betrayal, loyalty and death. The imagery plays a big part in this poem as it makes it easier to understand. This makes the poem easier to understand and much more enjoyable for the reader. The stage driver wasthe best to be found, his fee large, but his experience was priceless. Like these tragic characters, this poem stands the test of time because it evokes such powerful emotions of love. In the first line, the poet uses alliteration, the repetition of words or letters i. I will talk about movement, imagery and Had they heard it? The theme of death is revealed towards the end of the poem where Bess decides to sacrifice her own life in an order to warn the highwayman of the looming danger.

This foreshadowing puts the reader on edge as they wait, along with Bess, to find out what the fate of the highway man will be. Krog incorporates the reoccurring theme of her family towards the end of the poem.

The moon was pale in the night sky and surrounded by a "sea" of clouds. Alfred Noyes uses clever word choice to describe the romantic figure of the highwayman. Such robbers existed from the Elizabethan era, a time associated with Queen Elizabeth that saw the flowering of English poetry, music and literature.

The theme of love is first expressed where the poet describes the love between the two lovers which is evident when the highwayman leaves Bess but promises to come back.

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The Highwayman Poem Analysis Essay Example For Students