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The paper by Terlaak, Kim, and Roh focuses in particular on the thorny issue of family ownership and its relationship to CSR.

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CSR-disclosure, in particular, is an ambiguous issue in BGs. In BGs, the common controller has an incentive to monitor and discipline management while enhancing the collective value of affiliated firms.

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Choi et al. These concerns revolve particularly around an apparent lack of social responsibility of business as an institution, and its detrimental influence on the public good. The paper also highlights the necessity for further research into the specific nature of the firm in these economies: while comparative studies of CSR in developing countries abound, there is very little attempt to explain those specific forms of CSR with the specific nature of those firms e. CSR-disclosure, in particular, is an ambiguous issue in BGs. It may also contribute to our understanding of how a more adequate theory of the firm might open a larger conceptual space to integrate BGs, as one pivotal institutional template for what a firm looks like. I am always proactive at what i do and that keeps my mind simulated and focused. In many countries where BGs operate, their dominant social role is that of providing access to vital goods and services. They first provide convincing evidence that group affiliation is associated with higher overall CSR, proxied by the environmental and social performance ratings of the affiliated firms. Prior research suggests that larger and more diversified BGs are more likely to engage in self-dealing, tunneling, and political rent-seeking Claessens et al. This negative effect of intra-group sales on philanthropy is positively moderated by the level of presence of outside independent directors above the level of regulatory requirement, and the level of foreign investor ownership. It is here where we would argue that this Special Issue can make not just a contribution to scholarship on CSR—but more generally beyond this—can feed in and inform ongoing debates on the nature of the firm and its boundaries. In a similar comparative vein, the paper by Ray and Chaudhuri examines whether BG-affiliated firms differ from non-BG-affiliated firms in their corporate sustainability strategy CSS.

In the preceding paragraph we have also adumbrated some of their core activities and exposure to CSR and the public good. The main argument for BGs engaging in CSR activities is the search for social legitimacy—as large BGs obviously have strong visibility, presence, and power in the Korean economy.

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Using data on Korean BG firms, their results suggest that decision-makers increase the level of corporate philanthropy, at the publicly listed group-firm level, when the firm is less dependent on intra-group sales and more dependent on external markets. Prior research suggests that larger and more diversified BGs are more likely to engage in self-dealing, tunneling, and political rent-seeking Claessens et al. It also contextualizes the influence that BGs can wield on regulators and, in general, the governments of those countries by dint of their size and basic provision of vital goods. High-quality corporate giving data are available in Korea because companies report their charitable contributions in their audited financial statements. Choi et al. Over the last decade a new debate has emerged in the wider CSR discussion regarding the corporation as a political actor. Certainly, with regard to purpose, accountability, or success, BGs differ at times quite considerably from this extant theoretical model. Common controllers may however also have the means to divert value from group firms to outside of the group at the expense of minority investors Holmen and Hogfeldt

Carroll argues that CSR is a construct that can be disaggregated into four main aspects, which successively build on each other whereby the fulfillment of each area of responsibility is a pre-condition for the subsequent area of CSR.

My greatest weakness would that I expect perfection out of myself when completing a task and that often leads me to over think small errors I may make. Emerging themes focus around 1 the relation between CSR and the governance of the BG, most notably the influence of ownership, 2 the dominant role and specific nature of philanthropy as core expression of CSR in BGs, and 3 the corporate ir- responsibility in the market power and control of BGs and their relations to governments.

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Applying Existing CSR Frameworks to Business Groups So far, we have argued that BGs are quite different institutions compared to the forms of business which dominate much of the Anglo-Saxon discourse in business studies.

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