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Within a second, gunshots echo; and a fallen beauty lays unmoving, painting the snow beneath a deep red. The two decades after the wolves were integrated into the park has been filled with conflict as citizens fight for or against reintroducing wolves country-wide The dominant American culture was nearsighted, incurious and racist, and saw the Indians as a race of ignorant, thieving savages, fit to be shot on sight.

Such attitudes survived until so recently in our society - just look at the B Westerns of the s - that we can only imagine how much worse they were years ago. In a review of the film Dances with Wolves, Robert Ebert said, "A civilized man is a person whose curiosity outweighs his prejudices, and these are curious men.

We see that they are easily frightened at times like when Kicking Bird runs from the naked John who is also just as shocked by the Indians presence however does not want his horse, Sisco, to be messed with.

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Now John Dunbar finds himself in almost the same situation. Those stereotypes still continue to affect the way we think about each other today and many of those stereotypes have been proven to be historically inaccurate. The futility he felt on his suicidal day as a Union officer has been replaced by utter clarity: He knows why he was fighting, and he knows why he was willing to risk losing his life. Dunbar gave many parts of himself to the Indians as. The original wolves were very different from the ones that were planted. One of the most climactic moments of the film was when we saw Dunbar helping the Indians fight a rival tribe. This is where issues arise, and we begin to see wildlife intermixing with human life Ebert, Robert. Mech spend their lives observing the behaviors of wolves in order to better understand leadership and dominance behavior across species. In fact, not all the white characters in the movie are bad; Dunbar, of course, is the obvious example of one who desires to help the Sioux, rather than annihilate them. In fact, further background research into the injustice suffered by the Sioux, under the hands of the white American armies, would only cause the audience to support the white massacre all the more.

Americans back then were small minded, revengeful, prejudiced, and swayed by rumor very easily He manages to keep it when the doctors say they are too tired to work on another patient.

They were just like him, making the elements dance in delight as children often do in their playful joy.

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As the story unfolds we follow the life of John Dunbar Kevin Costner and take on his emotions and therefore come to the same realizations that he does. It is a cancer. Most people would consider these opinions to be stereotypes.

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