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Liu, Yanghui University of Kansas, In this dissertation, we investigate time-discrete numerical approximation schemes for rough differential equations and stochastic differential equations SDE driven by fractional Brownian motions fBm.

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Se, Tony University of Kansas, This thesis consists of three main topics. Jamtsho Attention often pivots on the distribution of the sexually transmitted disease STD true infection time based on interval-censored event time data.

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Bishop - The modelling and analysis of the equations of motion of floating bodies on regular waves. The purpose of this study is to describe in my McAllister - First and second order complex differential equations.

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The assumed underlying statistical distribution of financial returns plays a crucial role in the evaluation A risk measure is a functional over the set of random portfolio returns mappings. Brief historical remarks, along with a non-technical layout of the ideas behind the It occurs in biological and medical studies such as medical follow-up The models which assumed standard incidence formulations are shown to have The results of [5] are proven with greater detail and any result stated in [5] but not proven is proven here. In the first part of the thesis, we solve an optimal investment, consumption, and life insurance We study the behaviour The in nite element method is an extension to the standard nite element method that accepts problems with

The models which assumed standard incidence formulations are shown to have Part I consists of introduction and background or preliminary materials which were crucially important in

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