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First, we all know that gasoline-powered cars are overrated. The tops of high rises and skyscrapers are sure to become attractive waterfront properties. The submerged cities will also create a tourist industry, which will provide revenue to the states. Animals will also get a healthy dose of chemicals released from factories, allowing the survival of the fittest to play out much faster.

Why not commute to work on a horse? Better yet we get to feel that fresh air blowing in our face as we ride tall down the street. It is the modern tradition to never give up and find a solution to everything. Any company that manages to land that contract will gain billions of dollars in profit, a hefty sum that will outweigh any lawsuits that are brought after the levees eventually fail due to rising sea levels.

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Of course there will be those who do not see how necessary all of this is. Herman Melville not only used Moby Dick to criticise the religions of the time, and the ones he was raised around, but he also used it to comment on historical happenings in American society at the time. Beach volleyball and swimming on top of the Empire State Building anybody? Some of the main areas we need improvement on in our natural world are cheaper ways to commute, energy efficient- electricity, water conservation, paper and plastic waste, and overall a less polluted atmosphere. The rise in CO2 and the rise in temperature is not related. The earth is cluttering up, and we don't need any extra, unnecessary trash being thrown out. As coral reefs die off, animals will need alternative habitats, manmade or natural. Secondly, electricity is so last year. He openly mocked the things, which he considered to be damaging to the society. After the ratification of the Constitution in , the question of immigration died down until the Irish and German immigration wave in the midth century. For those of you who have white, black, red, blue and yellow cars or any other color that I left out , just go to your local car shop and have them paint your car green. Twain was open in his works.

She uses satire with a hint of sarcasm in her essay. If we all pulled together to save the planet, we really could accomplish more than we think.

After the ratification of the Constitution inthe question of immigration died down until the Irish and German immigration wave in the midth century. There are a number of ways that everyone can be of importance when making our planet greener. If Americans all switched to riding horses everyday, they would save up to 8, Plus you will never have to worry about your computer breaking down or your television set converting to digital cable.

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