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I chose this company for my internship because it is a family owned business with a laid-back yet fast paced environment.

Furthermore, although Kookmin Bank has been happy to expand into other areas and come to prominence as an international bank, it remains, at its heart, a consumer-driven institution.

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I am grateful for the opportunity that KSFY Television gave me and am excited to become a part of their team. Read about the placement rates for members of the Class of When moving me to a new department, she would accompany me to that department, introduce me to a manager or contact person in that department, and spend time outlining my duties while I was in that department.

Kamenetz is also trying to prove internships are harmful to the job market in general.

Application letter for internship in finance

Sometimes an audit senior would be assigned to the same job as me, whilst other times I would be working on the job on my own, in which case my co-workers would be happy to lend a hand if I was stuck on any particular task. I also have an interest in the athletic field and I am very excited to learn and grow under another man that shares similar characteristics and interests as myself. During the week I split my time between two locations; the main building in downtown Boston, and at an month long transitional living program for young women ages who are either pregnant or parenting. From the tellers, I learned how to use banking software to keep track of deposits and withdrawals, automatic check-reading machines, and the money counting machines. Paying attention to these details can make a big difference in how your message is received. After I graduate I hope to slowly work my way up the hierarchy in whatever area of business I end up in, whether it be accounting or indeed elsewhere. Even though this internship will end shortly, I can take what I have learned, and apply it to the rest of my career. What was even better, that I was the only students of my school selected for an internship there.

This Specific Internship? I know that the details that I learned through my experiences with the Stampede will be very valuable in my immediate future when choosing a career path.

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Internship Essay