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Through symbols Conrad uses the light and the dark which refers to Europeans and Africans. However, after he has put her on a pedestal and turned her into a martyr to her awful husband, Forster rather viciously tears her apart by exposing her as an adulteress, who abandoned one son for her lover, and then abandoned the other one because she had nowhere to go after her lover drowned, than back to her husband. One can see from her earlier experiences, why she should choose an older man; or a father figure, as her husband. Consequently, issues of deviant sexual practices became issues not of individual significance but as significant for the whole race. A book, concerned with young women and marriage, on the other hand, offered three main reasons for marriage: mutual comfort and support; the maintenance of social purity; and the reproduction of the race. It focuses on three main phases to pursue literary criticism including the author his or her subjectivity , text and reader. This template will underpin all sexual desire for the individual and according to Freud can, through analysis, sometimes be modified, but can never be changed. Michael Delahoyde Psychoanalytic Criticism Psychoanalytic criticism adopts the methods of "reading" employed by Freud and later theorists to interpret texts.

Furthermore, all of the worst events in all of the novels happen in a symbolic womb. The politic, and economic problems that change the way of his life, will be examined and also these problems he witnessed that is associated with his decisions and future are going to be explained in terms of their relations with his psychological problems which cause him to make same fatal mistakes.

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Homosexuality was only decriminalised in [61] , three years before his death. Heart of darkness is discussed as one of the most famous literary texts written on the western imperial activities in the first half of the twentieth century. He spent the rest of his life highlighting injustice and championing social reform and personal freedom; but never saying what he really felt or dealing with the issues that he really wanted to deal with. Similarly, nightmares and terrifying novels have the same effect on our minds and plunge us into an atmosphere that remains clingy, even when the story is finished. Morgan was a delicate and pretty child and his mother and Aunts insisted upon dressing him up in little sailor suits and growing his curly hair long. He worked in various departments within the hospital but was soon concentrating on neuroanatomy and neuropathology. There are times when he appears so detached, that he is indifferent to what he is writing. On a psychological analysis of characters the psychoanalytic criticism of Sigmund Freud plays an important role to reveal the reasons behind traumatic event. Particularly in the working class areas, it was not poverty that was to blame for infant mortality and poor health; it was bad mothers. Where Angels Fear to Tread was his first novel and the anger that Forster directs towards the mothers in this book is very evident. However, thoughts and desires that are pushed out of conscious awareness and held in the unconscious still retain much of the psychic energy or feelings originally attached to them. The Id is the unconscious reservoir of instincts and drives, which are constantly active. See the theory on page Whatever the intentions on the part of Marianne, this would have been deeply humiliating to Lily and she, in Freudian terms, would have learnt the ambivalence of opposites [34] : of greater and lesser, of superior and inferior and of material concerns being valued higher than love. At the beginning of the novel the story moves from the Thames River in the Congo in the Dark Continent.

Freud identified three separate levels of consciousness [12]. Indeed, it was the legacy of Marianne Thornton, which gave Forster the opportunity to travel and the freedom to write.

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An over-zealous literary trauma theorist could be forgiven for suggesting that The Book Thief was purposely written to illustrate some of the most important concepts in contemporary trauma theory. The verger wrote this down and he was christened Edward.

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It is discussed that some Western intellectuals such as writers and poets represent the East as a place of mystery and fantasy. Kurtz also has some repressed feelings as a character.

He died a very famous and well-respected man, but, in Freudian terms, his sexual template had been established before he was three years old and he had to live with the repression of that intrinsic part of himself until he died.

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Droll thing life is — that mysterious arrangement of merciless logic for a futile purpose. What other minority is so sunk in shame and self-oppression as to be proud of a traitor?

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Trauma Narratives in the Basement: A Psychoanalytic Reading of The Book Thief