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mantra manjushri bodhisattva

All that it conceptualizes in this way is false, And can never reach the actual nature of reality. By gaining the supreme non-abiding wisdom, Naturally one is freed from the extremes of existence and quiescence, And the ornament of great and effortless compassion Arises to pervade throughout the furthest reaches of space and time.

So appearance and emptiness are indivisibly united, This is inexpressible—one must know it for oneself!


Each thing appears with its own identity, Yet is empty by its very nature, Absolute space with threefold liberation, The very nature of the ultimate. Seeing two moons is a deluded sensory perception, dreaming is deluded mental perception, both of which are non-conceptual, and mistaking a rope for a snake is deluded and conceptual.

Yet if you understand what is meant, The need for the words ends just there.

White manjushri meaning

Constantly thus practicing, day or night, whether sitting, walking, standing or lying down, finally one reaches an inconceivable state without any obstruction or form. Knowing precisely their profound and vast points— This is the treasure of intelligence. These are natural features of the thing itself. Not severing the continuous line of the Three Jewels— This is the treasure of bodhicitta. It is by knowing what is or is not the case In terms of causes and their effects That we pursue one thing and avoid another, Whether in crafts or in philosophy— 8. If that were the case, how could we ever Understand them to be empty and so on? This includes not only worldly disciplines, But also the training that transcends the world. Wisely, he spoke with certain intentions in mind, As with the eight kinds of implied or indirect instructions. From a reason that is arrived at through Valid direct perception and valid inference, What is hidden can be logically inferred, And things can be proven by means of relationship.

Even just a single thing has countless properties, And can be classified in infinite ways, Based on affirmation and negation. With this in mind, and with an altruistic intention And a mind of supreme devotion for the teachings, His pure land is predicted to be one of the two best pure lands in all of existence in all the past, present, and future.

There are one hundred and four verses.

Manjushri symbolism

From a reason that is arrived at through Valid direct perception and valid inference, What is hidden can be logically inferred, And things can be proven by means of relationship. Although it is without any perceiving subject or object perceived, There is naturally occurring wisdom that is aware of itself, And all ideas of existence, non-existence, both and neither have ceased completely— This is said to be supreme primordial wisdom. Translated by Adam Pearcey, This kind of evaluation of things in their nature, According to each of the two levels of reality, Is proven by the basic facts of how things are, So it is reasoning that establishes what is tenable. When taking the definitive meaning into experience, Do not rely upon the ordinary dualistic mind That chases after words and concepts, But upon non-dual wisdom itself. Without relying upon the conventional, There can be no realization of the ultimate. When we look, they are not there, like the moon in water— This is the ultimate indivisibility of the two truths. They all have this as their starting point. These appearances in all their rich variety Arise through dependent origination. For example, heat is the nature of fire. Yogic direct perception is the culmination of meditation Practised properly and according to the instructions. Once you have understood what the speaker Intended to communicate, if you then continue To think about each word and expression, It is as if your elephant is found, yet still you search. Without these direct perceptions There would be no evidence and hence no inference, And any perception of things arising from causes And then ceasing would become impossible. When the correct approach to the two truths Is realized through contemplating the four reasonings In this way, it brings the four genuine reliances.

However much they think about it, they fail to understand, And so it is only a cause of fear in the minds of the foolish. Naturally possess their own particular Characteristics, which are uniquely theirs.

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