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Whoever reads your business plan will want to know what suppliers or experts you've spoken to about your business and their response to your idea. Industries can be described in all sorts of ways and at various levels of specificity, and industry codes can help categorize sectors in meaningful ways and provide useful keywords for searching business information sources. Industry Analysis Industry Profiles : Narrative overviews of industries provide essential background for understanding how they are structured, who the key players are, how they have developed over time, and the latest advances. Just as you wouldn't start off on a cross-country drive without a road map, you should not embark on your new business without a business plan to guide you. You don't have to spend a lot of money on a fancy binder or cover. When you describe your product or service, make sure your reader has a clear idea of what you're talking about. This kind of research is reported in scholarly periodicals such as journals and conference proceedings.

Describe the factors you think will make it successful. Still have doubts?

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Not much. Once you've grouped your competitors, start analyzing their marketing strategies and identifying their vulnerable areas by examining their strengths and weaknesses.

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How will you repay your loan, and over what term? Online directories have the advantage of generating company lists using select criteria like business size, industry codes, etc.

Other information to address here is a description of the experience of the other key people in the business. A detailed examination of the current business environment, including a competitive analysis, should also be provided. Your CPA can help you craft this. Balance sheets are used to calculate the net worth of a business or individual by measuring assets against liabilities. If your proposed business requires parts or raw materials to produce goods to be sold to customers you will need to investigate potential supply chains. You'll also discover areas with potential you may not have thought about before--and ways to profit from them. You'll also have to determine distribution, which includes the entire process of moving the product from the factory to the end user. This link takes you to more information about what is involved in conducting a patentability search. It's also one of the most difficult to make for most small business owners, because there are no instant formulas. To be successful, your promotion strategy should address advertising, packaging, public relations, sales promotions and personal sales. If the existing market is dominated by established competitors, for instance, you will have to come up with a marketing plan to lure customers from the competition lower prices, better service , etc. It provides easier keyword searching and links to full-text PDFs.

A table of contents follows the executive summary or statement of purpose, so that readers can quickly find the information or financial data they need. The management plan outlines your business structure, management, and staffing requirements.

business plan examples

Each section should include specific elements and address relevant questions that the people who read your plan will most likely ask.

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