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In this case all the antecedents of groupthink were present except two: leader preference for a certain outcome and group insulation. Learning from History: Closed vs. The existence of the above symptoms shows that groups are vulnerable to groupthink.

Groupthink scholarly articles

Group cohesiveness, strong influential group leaders, and a pressure to make quality decisions predispose a group to the phenomenon of groupthink. Pressure due to unanimity makes members to abandon appraisal of the available options. In , he published the work in which he stated that a group suffered from groupthink when its members ignored possible alternatives and decided to settle for less important alternatives. Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning, 28, Advertising Looking for research paper on social sciences? Nemeth, C. Courtright, J. Groups with autocratic leaders who promote their preferred solutions are more likely to fall into groupthink than groups with non-promotional leaders i. Psychological Record, 46 4 , Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 42 1 , This social psychology theory is broken down into eight signs. Open Leadership Styles Bay of Pigs vs.

Bob Wright maintained a neutral position and encouraged all the members to speak up and the presence of experts checked the insulation problem. Courtright, J.

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Decision-making exercises ABand C : Examining the role of conflict in-group decision-making. The effects of authentic and contrived dissent on escalation of commitment in group decision making.

Illusion of Unanimity Group members are afraid of making comments during the decision-making process. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 11 83.

Hence, the individual succumbs to groupthink. Use the Six Thinking Hats approach: In the early stages of problem solving, it is imperative to explore the solution space, without narrowing down too quickly.

groupthink scholarly articles

Dissertation Abstracts International, Therefore, all members believe that their decisions are right. When such leaders express a preferred solution early in the discussion, groups are far more likely to adopt that solution as the final group choice Leana, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 42 1 ,

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