Health effects of hazardous chemicals from old electronics

The improper disposal of electronic products leads to the possibility of damaging the environment.

effects of electronic waste pollution

Some of you may be thinking, "So what? For example, copper is sought after by e-waste recyclers. Currently, there are a number of international initiatives that are addressing global e-waste management and trade concerns, as well as issues with environmental pollution due to e-waste.

Health effects of hazardous chemicals from old electronics

Most of the users are unaware of the potential negative impact of rapidly increasing use of computers, monitors, and televisions. India has generated about 0. Also, this list mentions only some of the chemicals and compounds used in household products.

how e-waste is harmful to your health ppt

However, both elements were found extensively in non-electrical black consumer products tested, where they are not needed or desirable. Recycling of valuable elements contained in e-waste such as copper and gold has become a source of income mostly in the informal sector of developing or emerging industrialized countries.

Then they can leak and contaminate their immediate environment, whether that's in a landfill or on the streets within a region full of struggling laborers.

Copper electrical wiring is coated with chlorine-containing polyvinyl chloride PVC plastic.

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Health Hazards of Storing Old Computers