Help writing spoken word poetry

Need a little more inspiration and advice? Usually memories start to take hold and the concept snowballs.

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There are thousands of videos available from literally hundreds, if not thousands, of slam poets around the world. You should have a good couple pages of ideas that just need some structure and flair.

Spoken word poetry exercises

Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. You can begin to adopt your own style and that uniqueness will help you hypnotize audiences and leave them breathless, wanting more! Since many of you have never written a slam poem, I realize I haven't made finding the topic for your inaugural slam poetry piece any easier. Be a pro. Replace words and phrases with more powerful audience grabbers. To the point where you can perform it in your sleep. Keep enhancing it and testing things until you have a product that suffices and you're happy with. Develop Your Style Choose how you want to present this poem that has a subject your passionate about to the audience.

Do you think an audience would appreciate hearing you? Keep in mind that your work must be original.

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After you follow these five steps, rehearse your poem and then sign up for a local poetry slam! Have you ever memorized a song you liked?

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5 Tips on Spoken Word