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This research was conducted on rats at Stanford.

Biopsychosocial theory of homosexuality

From our hereditary inclinations to how our associates influence our advancement, our childhoods have a tendency to be one long trek into Why Are People Gay? This is all natural and raising children, and now I will give you some examples. Nurture Essay Words 4 Pages Show More Over the years, there has been a debate whether homosexuality is due to nature or nurture. This concept has be debated for many versus years with two very strong sides. Most psychoanalytic theories, however, stress the role of parental and family dynamics, not the society as a whole. As referred to in the title, the origin of homosexuality has been debated to be because of nature or nurture. We have examined many causes for homosexuality in the preceding pages, both biological and social. This opposing point-of-view proposes that homosexuality is the result of environmental factors, not biological ones. Many Social Theorists agree with this and they argue that Nurture is the main factor when considering the reasons behind human sexuality.

Foucault groups gay men and lesbians into the all-inclusive term of homosexual. Although discredited with methodological problems, the early experiment paved the way for a much-publicized team to conduct their twin studies.

nature vs nurture attraction

A child will develop their own values and morals that are generated by how they were raised in their environment. These questions lead us to the long-lived debate of nature or nurture.

The Superior Heterozygote Theory states the phenotypic actual expression of homosexuality is the result of homozygosity for recessive non-expressed but present genes [11]. Property: It refers to the genetic makeup of an individual from genetic, conception to death.

Most social theorists see childhood elements as the largest contributing factors to homosexuality.

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Homosexuality: Nature vs. Nurture Essays