How to write a loki fanfiction lemon

thor and loki lemon fanfiction

Loki's eyes did not leave his as Thor pushed a finger inside Loki's quivering hole. Loki loves to pull beautiful little noises out of you whenever he can.

You placed the collar on Loki, if he pulled on the handcuffs he would be choked.

Loki kidnaps reader fanfiction

Raising himself higher on his haunches, Thor pi-stoned into Loki from a different angle. His charm, his mannerisms, his hair, and oh god, his voice. Loki's hands were against Thor's chest, feeling his heartbeat from beneath his tunic as he wore no armour. His hands squeezing your ass in an attempt to fully impale you upon him. Gently, he took the chains from around Loki's legs and placed his hands carefully around Loki's waist, lifting him slowly from the hammers handle. You had to call Loki in to break the news, it was something you were dreading all day. Grabbing each other in an attempt to rediscover your self-control. But Loki could not hear, and Thor could not speak. Thor took himself in his hand and parted her thighs as wide as they would go without causing her any discomfort. This was Thor's ritual now, every night he would visit Loki in the dungeons and chain him onto Mjolnir and every morning he would retrieve his hammer for the day. Instead of answering, Thor merely knelt down in front of Loki and produced a key, Loki watched as Thor removed the shackles from Loki's wrists for the first time since he had been placed here.

The last straw. Thor looked down and realised that Loki's cock had not softened, it remained erect and a deep shade of purple that could not be pleasurable. It would be just their luck that they get caught in this You stood up from behind the counter and walked around to the front where Loki tried to catch his breath.

Lips parted while your chest began to pant in time with your strokes. Author's note: I do not have a degree in journalism, so yes, you will find mistakes in my writing. Loki was a moaning mess, he had no idea what to do with his hands so they ended up in his hair pulling or pleasuring his nipples.

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Maybe it had something to do with being a frost giant Your back arching as you came hard onto his dick. Loki pressed into Thor's warmth, letting his head fall onto the Asgardian's chest.

how to write a loki fanfiction lemon
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