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A mid-tempo soulful funk-tinged number that benefits greatly from the contrasts between sections artfully accentuated by the killer rhythm section of Anthony Jackson and Steve Ferrone.

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The bass line to this hip hop classic embodies many of the patterns you might find in a hip hop bass line; it is structurally simple, very funky, reminiscent of many of the old RnB and funk bass lines of the 60s and 70s and absolutely locked into the pocket.

Bassists really have the disco era a lot to owe for the furthering of their craft. Use nice open vowels, not too many consonants and come up with a killer hook.

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This is the one I have. By Ben Gibson Funk the purpose of playing funk on a bass is the to be the backbone of the band. Woah, best bass line and NO Parliament??? The rhythmical feel suggested by the bass lines has a distinct sound where the 16 note is the main rhythmical subdivision against the pulse. Get your groove on. Sly Stone. What makes a great funk groove?

A good start is a healthy boost aound Hz, but sweep around to find the sweet spot. By Ben Gibson Funk the purpose of playing funk on a bass is the to be the backbone of the band.

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Fred Thomas was the bassist on that album, by the way. Ohh yeah! Its broad appeal is due in part to the fact that it teaches so many of the foundational skills for different genres of music. Because with the funk bass line, space is the place. Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned bass player, this workshop will help you learn many of the bass lines and styles found in your favorite funk tunes, and inspire you to experiment with your own creations. Request Separate Instrument Midi Files. Funk metal evolved in the mid-'80s when alternative bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fishbone began playing the hybrid with a stronger funk underpinning than metal. Listening to some of the great synth bass lines created over the years inspired me to make up a list of my 30 funkiest synth bass lines.

Of course, that line gets repeated over and over again, but still. Then again, the most important characteristic of a good dance top-line is not the profundity of the lyrics, but that they flow well.

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This course is the first in a four-part series about writing better music for the modern rhythm section.

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