Indian mughal empire

Additionally, Akbar sought to assimilate his Muslim and Hindu subjects. For the next three years Clive virtually rules the rich province of Bengal, using Mir Jafar as his political puppet. Humayun: Babur's control is still superficial when he dies inafter just three years in India.

Victory at Panipat brings Babur the cities of Delhi and Agra, with much booty in treasure and jewels. The later Mughal rulers held on to their throne, but they were simply puppets of the British.

mughal empire family tree

Shah Jahan spent his declining years gazing out at the Taj and died in He was succeeded by his own son, Shah Jahan. Aurangzeb expanded the empire to include almost the whole of South Asia,[ citation needed ] but at his death in"many parts of the empire were in open revolt".

Yet this is where his many and varied interests are given practical expression. Subahs were divided into Sarkarsor districts. In his youth he is one among many impoverished princes, all descended from Timurwho fight among themselves for possession of some small part of the great man's fragmented empire.

Here, at the age of twenty-one, he is able to establish a settled court and to enjoy the delights of gardening, art and architecture in the Timurid tradition of his family.

And Akbar carries it further, down to a level affecting every Hindu. Jehangir lacked the political enterprise of his father Akbar.

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