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Traditional planning strategies that rely heavily on growth as a means of addressing shrinking city problems have proven to be somewhat ineffective. Rainey,p. Aerial of the construction of the Wellington Urban Motorway creating voids within the urban fabric and erasing previous identities Figure 1.

As much of the growth in our cities has been emergent, it no longer resembles a coherent body, rather a series of isolated spaces and moments which result in these internal and peripheral spaces of placelessness. Landscape is always culture, laden with values, economic practices, stories and myths, emotions, notions and social programmes, as well as with the diverse memories connected with them.

This thesis focuses on the role of the design and construction industry, specifically the landscape architecture profession, in disaster risk reduction. Through the buried culvert of the historic Kumutoto stream and the regrading of a hill side, there is complete disregard for treating fuel tainted stormwater that rushes off the motorway into our harbour.

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Exploring the site with a layered approach enables the design experiment to develop further than the Brooklyn-Queens promenade which has been a successful example. The intention of this project is to merge holistic therapies for PTSD with successful landscapes for trauma patients into the creation of adaptable design principles.

However, this strong association with New Zealand identity has not permeated through into our landscape architecture and infrastructural movements. To support the best practices, data is being collected at two sites with methods that include surveying site occupants, field observation of occupant interactions with signage, and interviews with project designers.

Healthy ecosystems are a piece of the sustainability puzzle, and the future of the world's cities must include the application of ecological knowledge in designing urban spaces.

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Landscape Architecture Dissertations and Theses