Mun position paper isreal palestine

position paper israel palestine conflict

We believe that an independent truth and reconciliation commission should be established to examine the recent conflicts in Lebanon, and that on this matter all governments, especially the Israeli government, should acquiesce to independent investigation.

Russia believes Israel should call an immediate halt on its policy of the Gaza blockade as already recognized by the UN.

From the moral, social and humanitarian aspect this is sinful malevolence. My country Iraq supported the Palestinian Liberation Organization,and did not believe in dividing the Palestinian land,it was a part of the Arab league of nations,whose main aim was to establish Arab lands as complete and indivisible whole. Furthermore, the Palestinians should be prepared to take a much more active stance against extremism and terrorist violence aimed at Israeli citizens, understanding that such efforts only serve to derail any hopes of eventual peace. The main reason for this is the refusal of senior Palestinian Authority officials to cooperate with Netanyahu and Vice Premier Silvan Shalom, who has been assigned the task of promoting the "economic peace" initiative. Jews had never stopped coming to "the Holy land" or Palestine in small numbers throughout the exile. Consequently, postwar Saudi policy focused on ways to contain potential Iraqi threats to the kingdom and the region. Added to the Palestinian suffering and Israels privileges would be Americas support. The conflict over the small strip of land by the Red Sea is no exception.

This naturally resulted in wars. Thank You.

mun speech on israel palestine conflict

With access to holy land within the State of Israel and the newly established state of Palestine. Therefore, USA urges the Palestinian government to cooperate with the Government of Israel, and participate in the peace talks.

As President Obama has said, the United States will engage in this effort with vigor and intensity in pursuit of genuine progress — progress that will improve the lives and the livelihoods of the people of Gaza and the West Bank, the people of Israel, and the neighbors throughout the region.

However, this motive started as a reaction to the massive number of Jewish immigration in that land, which made them displaced up to the present time. Russia will also take care that these arms do not fall into wrong hands and are misused. Therefore the claim of Palestine for certain lands is absurd as it directly contradicts the international governing body. However, Britain also offered to back Arab demands for postwar independence from the Ottomans in return for Arab support for the Allies and seems to have promised the same territories to the Arabs at he same time being very fair when the Arabs claimed that Palestine was included in the area promised to them, British refused. The road towards this peace has been long and arduous, but we must not tire. Nigeria also needs to state we are fully aware of the difficulty and tension between two sides in terms of water rights, borders and religion. Yet before diplomatic negotiations can begin on realizing the dream of the Oslo Accords, the Republic of Kenya understands that certain steps need to be taken to defuse the situation in the region. So Israel should not have any security concerns of its own territory regarding this issue and should not produce any blockade in this path. Israel recognises the need for security and stability, and is willing to strive for peace. The Oslo Accords, attempted in , opened Israeli-Palestinian talks for the first time; The Camp David Summit, attempted in , resulted in failure to achieve compromise even under intense American pressure; The Taba Summit, attempted in , ended to no avail; The Road Map for Peace Proposal, attempted in , terminated with little effect; The Arab Peace Initiative, attempted in , is still under the consideration of concerned parties. However, as a performance-based plan, progress will require and depend upon the good faith efforts of the parties, and their compliance with each of the obligations outlined below. As a staunch supporter of Israel and the state which has the ability to most influence its policies, we call for the United States to push the present government of Israel back to the negotiating table. Russia would like Israel to freeze all settlement activities, including natural growth and open crossing in West Bank, Golan Height and East Jerusalem; which are seen as a violation of International Law. Singapore is fully supportive of negotiation in order for long-lasting peace and positive progression in the future.

Israel has been at conflict with Palestine for many decades, such as border disputes, the status of Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees and the increasing territory of Israel. The Palestinian refusal to meet senior Israeli officials resulted in the cancellation of a joint conference scheduled to take place in Tokyo on the Jericho industrial zone.

Bush for another summit on Middle East peace process.

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Israel Palestine Position Paper