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Starting on the floor next to your foot, "walk" the ball up your leg until you reach your hip. Don't think it's possible?

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I'd text, email, write on walls—whatever it took to avoid leaving a handwritten note, because my handwriting embarrassed me. By practicing these lines, you can better learn to keep down strokes parallel to one another. The answer is no, it isn't too late. I worked on them for about two weeks before I even looked at the more complex exercises in my handwriting book. Parallel Lines First, fill a page up with parallel lines. I try to make each set of clouds fit inside a line on a piece of college-ruled paper. Get a piece of molding clay. Crumple each sheet individually, using just one hand watch out for the ink this will leave on your fingers! Do they dislike school or certain subjects? I tried copying script fonts and writing the alphabet over and over again, but I grew frustrated, not better at writing.

Simply scroll down to discover some of my handwriting samples and to see the basic exercises I used to improve my writing. Admittedly, I don't devote enough time to handwriting improvement—I simply don't have the time to practice consistently.

Some were straight, others leaned backwards, and still others lunged forward.

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Not your original work? Handwriting Practice Drills Parallel lines practice drills. This will help you form curves and keep letters the same height as other letters.

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