Ornithology thesis

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A centre which can support the betterment of the nature. Teaching block cum Auditorium 2. The Section of Guest House Figure I have given a bird tower in the centre of the site, on top of which a stand is given for the birds where they can come, sit, have water and food.

These months suffers high temperature along with high humidity.

Ornithology thesis

Zoning Based on the case study and literature studies the area required for each block have been calculated. Their research contributions were instrumental in taking ornithology from nineteenth century natural history to twentieth century avian biology. Nair, 1 Figure 1. Canteen 6. Some are being grown for feathers. Economic Importance of Birds Birds like cock, duck, etc. The Library Block 2. Location : Kannur, Kerala, India N 11 Retrieved from ecology.

But due to human interventions like pollution, deforestation, encroachment and illegal constructions, and construction of dam, have destroyed the ecological balance of the area. Canteen 6.

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Why Birds Matter Wetland Ecology Their emphasis in research will be to study the ecological aspects of the wetlands and its utility to the flora and fauna including the bird species. But on the south of the site it is Munderikkadavu Wetland and on the west it is Munderi River. DNA is basically biological data storage with clever coding mechanisms. So having a centre for study and research about these birds in their atmosphere will help the scholars working in this field. Some birds are being hunted for meat as well as feathers. Each zones were represented with an organic shape, representing the area required. Additional laboratories So that in a total the landscape overlaps the whole site design. Inferences of Case Studies Ornithology is one of the most important branches of modern biology, and ornithologists were pioneer researchers in the areas of evolution, systematics, animal behaviour, zoogeography, migration, population biology and ecology. The best example of centripetal force on a body is the gravitational force of a planet on its satellites which make the satellite to rotate around the planet. Library 3. I am so thankful to Sri. Homer included Nightingale in his Odyssey.

Hugin and Munin were two common ravens who whispered news into the ears of the Norse god Odin.

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Unpublished Theses in Ornithology