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The attack at Pearl Harbor united the Americans with the goal of defeating the Axis powers, and especially Japan. Through the misjudgments of numerous U. The major Allied participants were the United States and its colonies including the Philippine Commonwealth , where a guerrilla war was waged after its conquest , China , which had already been engaged in bloody war against Japan since including both the KMT government National Revolutionary Army and CCP units, such as the guerrilla Eighth Route Army , New Fourth Army as well as smaller groups. The air attack started at in the morning, Hawaiian time. American leaders felt that the only way to get Japan to surrender would be to invade the main island of Japan. The US pursued a two-pronged offensive across the central and southwest Pacific to roll back the Japanese advance. Even though the U. From Kwajalein a naval task force, moving west miles with a regiment each of Marines and infantry, captured a Japanese air base on Engebi in the Eniwetok Atoll on February , In early , American forces suffered heavy losses during the invasions of Iwo Jima February and Okinawa April , an island of strategic importance off the coast of the Japanese home islands. Marines are seen as they advance against Japanese positions during the invasion at Tarawa atoll, Gilbert Islands, in this late November photo. Photographer's Mate, 1st Cl. The results following the two hour and fifteen minute raid destroyed planes, sunk or damages eighteen ships, and left nearly 4, Americans dead. Marine Corps Read more A member of a U. In August , American forces attacked the Japanese in the Solomon Islands, forcing a costly withdrawal of Japanese forces from the island of Guadalcanal in February

As Japanese strongholds were isolated, defenders were left to weaken from starvation and disease. The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, At first, the United States and its allies were not able to stop Japan from taking these islands, but in May ofthe allied navies fought the Japanese in the Coral Sea, which lies between Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands The Battle of the Coral Sea was in some ways a victory for both the Japanese and the Allies.

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In the Coral Sea the U. On August 15th,Japan surrendered and, on September 2nd, signed the formal documents to put an end to the war. The US pursued a two-pronged offensive across the central and southwest Pacific to roll back the Japanese advance.

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Marines rest in the field on Guadalcanal Photo by John L. As began, the southwest Pacific was largely under Allied control.

Construction of airfields to accommodate B's began in the Marianas before the shooting had stopped, and in late November the strategic bombing of Japan began.

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