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Uses of pilot study

Although pilot study findings may offer some indication of the likely size of the response rate in the main survey, they cannot guarantee this because they do not have a statistical foundation and are nearly always based on small numbers. Here the concern is that they have already been exposed to an intervention and, therefore, may respond differently from those who have not previously experienced it. Case study: A strategic research methodology. Crosswaite, C. A consistent selection bias favouring reports of primary research over papers on research methods, theoretical thinking, or secondary analysis, can lead to many of researchers re-inventing the wheel without having had the opportunity to learn from other people's experience. Pilot studies may also try to identify potential practical problems in following the research procedure. On a much larger scale, the largest decennial survey in the UK, the Census of 29th April , tested methodological and other changes to the Census questionnaire on over , households in In the study described above, the managers of maternity services had different perceptions of what the forthcoming changes in the Data Protection Act allowed them to do about the involvement of their clients in research. Observation Observation is a type of qualitative research method which not only included participant's observation, but also covered ethnography and research work in the field. Mason J. Buckley JW, Chiang H. However, Frankland and Bloor argue that piloting provides the qualitative researcher with a "clear definition of the focus of the study" which in turn helps the researcher to concentrate data collection on a narrow spectrum of projected analytical topics. It can refer to so-called feasibility studies which are "small scale version[s], or trial run[s], done in preparation for the major study" Polit et al. Doing Research in the Real World. Bowling, A.

Canada: Natl Assoc of Accat; Well-designed and well-conducted pilot studies can inform us about the best research process and occasionally about likely outcomes.

Qual Inq. It can refer to so-called feasibility studies which are "small scale version[s], or trial run[s], done in preparation for the major study" Polit et al.

the importance of piloting or pre-testing semi-structured interviews and narratives

This is particularly important because pilot studies can be "time-consuming, frustrating, and fraught with unanticipated problems, but it is better to deal with them before investing a great deal of time, money, and effort in the full study" Mason and Zuercher, Creswell JW.

Other problems such as poor recording and response rates can also be identified and precautionary procedures or safety nets can be devised. Peters, D.

pilot study

For example, a recent study exploring nurses' and midwives' attitudes to research followed this pattern.

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Social Research Update The importance of pilot studies