Power of print media

How readers engage with on-screen or digital content differs from print. When readers see something online, their first port of call is to question its source and authenticity.

While digital advertising and media promotion is becoming quite popular, let us focus on the classic mode of print media advertisement. Amid all the digital furore, you can understand why print might appear to have taken a backseat, what with legacy publishers laying off staff, newsbrands losing ad revenue and social becoming de rigueur for marketers.

Look no further than the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativitywhich saw some truly innovative print campaigns awarded top honours.

But learning about haptics has reinforced why I continue to enjoy writing — and reading — words on paper.

types of print media

And for anyone who thinks print is just ink on dead trees, here are five reasons why print still matters: 1. And inJICMAIL became the first standardised currency for advertising mail, making a convincing case for the power of mail in the marketing mix.

Print is a magnificent third-party tool. Branding is a crucial aspect as well, because if one does not have a distinguishable name, they have no way to stand out in the media pool. Where three-quarters of people trust news obtained from local newspapersbarely one in five trust social media.

Digital gets our attention, but print gets our respect.

Power of print media

Despite that, brands and advertisers are investing less and less money in the format, with the vast majority of ad spend going to digital formats. Here are three reasons why advertisers still believe in the power of print: 1. Door To Door Drop: Have you ever found an advertisement pamphlet tucked away in the morning paper or with the other letters in your postbox? Print has staying power One of print's major advantages over digital is its staying power. Where three-quarters of people trust news obtained from local newspapers , barely one in five trust social media. The world is facilitated by information exchange. And research shows this makes you value it more. That is the door to door drop system. Success requires understanding: The role that print plays within a larger, integrated campaign The sorts of messages that are best suited to print How digital tools can make print marketing more effective. That sort of careful content alignment is a particular strength of print advertising, compared to the algorithmic matchmaking of Internet ad exchanges. A Multiple Marketing Touch World Both digital and print offer significant advantages to advertisers, from targetability to deep engagement.

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Revisiting the Power of Print