Reading writing arithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick

Grab an umbrella on your way out the door! I really do believe that the very best of School Days are still ahead of us!

School days so they tell us lyrics

Chalk boards are coming back and while I never liked the sound of the chalk against the board, I am finding great satisfaction in displaying a Bible verse to ponder on the one in our own home. Remember the excitement of watching a movie backwards? The school was to be kept clean. For this reason I have written the song with two different sets of lyrics. There were extra duties for the teacher such as: filling the oil lamps; cleaning the chimney; bringing in water for drinking and for washing hands; bringing in firewood; keeping the classroom warm; sharpening the pens. And did I say these items are all unbelievably priced?!? If you just start writing, you will be through with your. Use the milk can to hold them, or instead cradle a potted geranium in its mouth! The can will hold all the water released from the plant until you are ready to dump it out and use the can in some other fashion. The Abacus rests below the chair, awaiting those days of math and higher learning.

Creative Commons — Public Domain Front page of original music I have spent my last couple weeks researching 21st Century Skills, reflecting on my teaching, remembering my own education, and even pondering a little bit of John Dewey.

Take a spin on the globe when geography lessons begin, and use the vintage flower frog to rest the colored crayons you were using until you can return to your artwork.

reading writing arithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick

Make your pens carefully. Harlon on both cylinders and 78 rpm recordings.

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You may want to overlook the dresses completely and go straight to the dress form in the corner. One-room schools were cold and drafty in the winter. Tuning Education For The.

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School Days song and lyrics from KIDiddles