Recommendations on how to overcome the life style diseases

Watch your blood pressure Do you have high blood pressure? Increased hours in the work place, more stress, easier lifestyles with minimum physical exercise, smoking, dependence on junk food, are some of the causes to add to the burgeoning list of red list to an unhealthy body and mind.

Important health benefits have even been associated with walking for half an hour per day, but greater reductions in risk are seen with longer durations of physical activity and more intense activity. Follow News Food manufacturers and suppliers use carefully researched methods to make products based on these cheap ingredients maximally convenient and attractive.

Fight NCDs by staying fit and active Physical activity improves cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, and burns up calories to keep you fit and trim.

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And to maintain a healthy weight, coordinate your diet with your physical activity level so you're using up as many calories as you take in.

While a recent study found that smokers lose at least 10 years of life expectancy compared with people who never smoked, it also found that people who quit by age 40 reduce their risk of smoking-related death by 90 percent.

Or he just skipped meals. Using available data, we calculated a range of estimates under given assumptions for the cost-effectiveness of replacing dietary saturated fat with monounsaturated fat, replacing trans fat with polyunsaturated fat, and reducing salt intake.

Dependence on automobiles affects physical activity, because those who use public transportation tend to walk more. Deaths from heart diseases are cut by one third among those who have quit the butt and alcohol.

Producers spend billions of dollars a year encouraging children to consume foods that are detrimental to their health. According to the survey, the prevalence for the following has increased compared to previous years:?

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5 effective ways to prevent lifestyle diseases