Resource based analysis of kfc

The company effectively uses all the available media print, electronic etc for targeting the potential customers and creating a distinct corporate image.

comparative study between kfc and mcdonalds

Sources Rothaermel, F. The company has adopted fair trade practices e. Through the strength of its heritage, its culture and its people and franchisees, Pizza Hut looks forward to more success in future.

kfc differentiation strategy

The company has a reputable image and brand name in the world for producing quality food with essential nutritions, healthy ingredients, low calories and drinks containing needed minerals.

The segmentation also enable the company to analyze the behavioural patterns, affordability, best communication and delivery channel. Brands have three divisions: the U.

Resource based analysis of kfc

Through market segmentation, targeting and positioning the company divides its overall market into smaller segments to be served effectively. Recently the company was ranked as a Britian Top Employer and recognized as a great place for work on the basis of following catalyst characteristics performance recognition culture, friendliness, team work, career progression, advancement and development opportunities.

Competitive advantage of kfc and mcdonalds

The company has adopted fair trade practices e. The company has adopted the concept of increasing the share of the customers rather than increasing product market share. The company sustains the competitive advantage by having lower prices than competitors and providing more benefits. Sources Rothaermel, F. Many consumers and environmental groups have raised their voice against fast food giants providing junk and unhealthy food to consumers. The resources that cannot meet this condition, lead to competitive disadvantage. Retailing, entrepreneurship, and ethics courses could use a number of these cases and their learning insights.
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Why Kentucky Fried Chicken ( Kfc ) Uses Its Uniqueness As