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The " Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples of Russia ", issued 15 Novemberleft the new Soviet state with undefined boundaries, and invited of other nations to join in. Toward the end of his career, Chekhov also became known for his dramatic work, including such pillars of the world theatrical repertoire as Uncle Vanya and The Cherry Orchard first performed They suffered low wages, poor housing and many accidents.

Gapon's Assembly was closed down that day, and Gapon quickly left Russia. See: Soviet calendar.

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By 6 Januarythe VTsIKsupported by the Bolsheviks, ratified the dissolution of the Russian Constituent Assemblywhich intended to establish the non-Bolshevik Russian Democratic Federative Republic as the permanent form of government established at its Petrograd session held 5 and 6 January Although issue papers are formally reviewed, authors have substantial latitude to express provocative views without doing full justice to other perspectives.

By the autumn ofit was clear that the main social and economical problems that caused the uprising in March still existed. Russian Zwischen Revolutionskunst und Sozialistischem Realismus.

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Post-Cold War Relations The Soviet Union was succeeded by the Russia federation, ruled by President Boris Yeltsin, who sought a partnership with the United States because Russia was in dire need of economic assistance to restructure its economy. Individual policemen saluted the religious banners and portraits of the Tsar carried by the crowd or joined the procession. Petersburg, which led to a two-year closure of the university. Taken individually, these issues might not have affected the course of Russian history, but together they created the conditions for a potential revolution. The system found itself in an emerging market environment without the capacity to function successfully in it. A nascent industrial working class resented the government for doing too little to protect them, as it banned strikes and labor unions. Women try to achieve their desired number of children at a young age and then abort subsequent pregnancies without fear of secondary sterility, which often results from frequent abortions. Further Reading Dmitri, T. Student radicals described "the special duty and mission of the student as such to spread the new word of liberty. Heavy tobacco use contributes to a high rate of mortality from lung cancer, which occurs 60 percent more frequently in Russia than in the United States. Prosecution records from the s and s show that more than half of all political offences were committed by students despite being a minute proportion of the population. Workers had to be paid in cash at least once a month, and limits were placed on the size and bases of fines for workers who were tardy. At the same time, the peasant taxpayers' ability to pay was strained to the utmost, leading to widespread famine in

He formed a military-revolutionary committee to head the arming of workers throughout Petrograd. It was a "singularly effective propaganda and educational instrument which enabled the Bolsheviks to gain control of the Petersburg labor movement and to build up a mass base for their organization.

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