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IOL does not have the budget to pay for freelance articles. It helps us improve our services to readers. To do that you need to set up a reader account and then paste in the address for the specific feed you want to view.

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The online paper is accessible via www. I have general feedback to give to IOL, or queries about the site, or technical problems. With diversity being our key objective, we offer news and information suited for every South African.

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The articles on the newspapers are normally a compilation from other known newspaper agencies such as False Bay echo, Sentinel news, Atlantic Sun and Southern mail among many others. The newspaper covers south Africa, African news, World news, business, sports and entertainment.

If your query is about one of the newspapers published by the Independent group then please contact the newspaper directly.

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This newspaper is available in the English language. Independent Online: IOL is owned and run by Independent Newspapers which is an SA newspaper group that publishes 15 national and regional dailies including several Cape-based community newspapers. The online source for Iafrica is via www. Please let us know why you unsubscribed. Once INMSA had established a competitive presence in the print media sector, their next goal was to expand their markets by becoming a voice for readers who were still struggling to be represented by established media corporations in South Africa. The newspaper covers south Africa, African news, World news, business, sports and entertainment. The paper covers all aspects of the community which include local, regional as well as world news. Any news updates will automatically be refreshed in your reader account. You can also use RSS feeds to your website and most popular online publishing platforms have built-in tools to add RSS feeds to your site. Independent Media is geared for growth. IOL has a number of email newsletters.
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