The big dig

Additionally, Hancock will become available as a follower. Known as the casting basin, the dry dock measured 1, feet long, feet wide and 60 feet deep -- big enough to construct the six concrete sections that would make up the tunnel.

But it turned out the heavy panels requiring the glue weren't necessary in the first place. The equipment and facilities used by the OCC include more than 1, loop detectors to measure traffic density and identify and project traffic patterns, CCTV cameras, electronic message signboards, lane control signals and carbon monoxide detectors.

A fatal accident raised safety questions and closed part of the project for most of the summer of By the early s, that number had reached , making it one of the most congested highways in the United States — and projections into the 21st century were for many more cars.

the big dig project scope

Ina lb light fixture fell in one of the tunnels. The report states, "Ultimately, many motorists going to and from the suburbs at peak rush hours are spending more time stuck in traffic, not less. You are subscribed to the Bisnow Boston E-Newsletter. Because more drivers were opting to use the new roads, traffic bottlenecks were only pushed outward from the city, not reduced or eliminated although some trips are now faster.

The project included many subcontractors. The Central Artery was aptly named. Then there's the big counter-narrative: In the era of climate change, it's no longer politically correct to be proud about moving vehicular traffic around.

As early as the city's Planning Board recommended a raised express highway running north-south through the downtown district in order to draw traffic off the city streets. The replacement work is expected to hamper traffic movement for the next two or three years.

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Boston Big Dig, Central Artery / Tunnel Project, Massachusetts