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He possesses a keen intellect and is a master of reason and deduction.

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Likewise, due to his fear of boredom, Sherlock Holmes has a motive to work, actually work, for his cases. This tempers his brusque nature and acerbic wit. No person would want to be friends with someone who is as proud, egoistic and uncaring as Holmes — it would drive anyone mad!

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Looking at a selection of the best-known re-written Holmes stories, such interests seem to fall into four specific areas. Sherlock is mostly famous for his power of deduction, power of observation, special skills, power of imagination, and a wide range of knowledge.

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And perhaps this particular instance is not something many readers want to think about either. We are all familiar with the logical thinking and prodigious intellect of the sleuth, yet the enigma surrounding his personal life and formative years provides endless scope for exploration. His universal appeal has been embraced globally and the great detective has been continuously revisited and adapted over the years. Sherlock is a very unique individual and he is so realistic that many people believe he was a real man existed in the late 19th century. Moreover, this perspective could also explain why he chose the profession of a consulting detective rather than being a doctor or an industrialist. Which is why he declares that he shall never marry himself. For it is not Sherlock Holmes who sits in Baker Street, comfortable, competent, and self-assured; it is we ourselves who are there, full of a tremendous capacity for wisdom, complacent in the presence of our humble Watson, conscious of a warm well-being and a timeless, imperishable content… this is the Sherlock Holmes we love — the Holmes implicit and eternal in ourselves Kurtz and Sherlock Holmes grow to become complex characters. But originally it was another actor, William Gillette, who first made the image of Holmes live beyond the printed page, introducing further changes as he did so. This cheerful advice has indeed been gratefully taken up by very many others ever since.

Doyle has written multiple books sharing the various adventures of Sherlock. Quoting Chabon again, [t]he application of creative intelligence to a problem, the finding of a solution at once dogged, elegant, and wild, this had always seemed to him to be the essential business of human beings — the discovery of sense and causality amid the false leads, the noise, the trackless brambles of life.

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The tv show brought to us by the BBC has become a cult phenomenon since it hit our screens in the early s. However, the fact that Watson sticks with him for such a long period of time, again, says something about our egoistic character, whom at first seems devoid of sentiments and the human touch. Because storing all of that knowledge and compartmentalizing accordingly is a very egregious job which requires profound organization skills. But on the whole this is more fantasy than reality. Firstly, we know that Watson thinks of Holmes as egoistic, too smart, show off, and a machine. As the story progresses, these characters change in ways that bring their personalities to light, allowing one to really understand who they are and what they are made of. This can take them in various different directions. He is also a chemist, a violinist, and a master swordsman. Thus, illustrating the importance of their friendship for both of them, as Watson found a best friend himself with whom he lived numerous breathtaking adventures which he would never forget. But in a sense he was defined by the men and, indeed, the women he came up against, and I cast them aside all too easily. Uncover new sources by reviewing other students' references and bibliographies Inspire new perspectives and arguments or counterarguments to address in your own essay Read our Academic Honor Code for more information on how to use and how not to use our library. Well the answer is simple, complexity. Moreover, both of them also share this hunger and thirst for adventure instilled within them which is why at each adventure, each case, each new homicide both of them seem as excited, enthusiastic and curious as the other.
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