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Scientific American 1 On seeing these people, in many cases, it becomes clear that they suffer from some mental disability that, unaided, will obviously impede their living a normal life. Additionally, the District must establish and accommodate the court-ordered closing of an institution for the mentally retarded homes , the court-ordered closing of a juvenile facility 10 homes , and the reduction of crowding at a correctional facility new beds Washington Post, September 25, A similar situation can develop with runaway and throwaway youths; several studies Shaffer and Caton, ; Greater Boston Adolescent Emergency Network, ; Janus et al. However, psychiatric evaluations of a selected group of homeless people in Philadelphia suggested that a substantial proportion of those interviewed would meet current criteria for involuntary hospitalization Arce et al. It is therefore mainly for city officials to address the problem of homelessness, especially the mentally ill who are most vulnerable to chronic homelessness and most in need of city social services. Homeless Mentally Ill. References Armour, S. As a result of deinstitutionalization and inadequate care, they are left homeless, drug dependent, and incarcerated. He develops a mental illness and does not receive treatment. A discharge plan of this sort seemed to afford a minimally adequate level of community-based housing, and in these situations many patients were able to manage some sort of tenuous adjustment. It is also in my opinion that for the past fifty years since peaking in capacity of , inpatient in , we have not handled deinstitutionalization in the correct manner. The committee concluded that despite the regional variation, the lack of decent, affordable housing is a major reason why so many people are homeless in the United States.

Moreover, the homeless mentally ill are still victims of public ridicule and loathing. Mentally ill people are less likely to obtain steady employment and, though having no need for long-term institutionalization, are in need of regular access to treatment and rehabilitation services in order to function independently.

The committee concluded that the shelter system cannot substitute for other systems, not can it be expected to address problems for which—at least theoretically—other systems have already been established.

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Police authorities often have no other place to put them but in jail. Department of Health and Human Services, In addition to mental hospitals being closed, some people do not receive treatment. The quality of the meals is extremely uneven, and many sites provide only certain meals, or operate only on specific days of the week or at certain times during the year. Homelessness is influenced by drug and alcohol disuse, being homeless at a young age, money problems, and trauma symptoms. These factors have contributed to the recent emergence of a large group of working homeless. Many other parents avoid shelters and any contact with public agencies for fear that custody of their children will be placed in jeopardy by the parents' temporary inability to provide housing. Classifications of homelessness include those who are fall under several categories including a homeless household, chronically homeless, precariously housed, sheltered homeless, rough sleepers and unsheltered homeless Foster, McCormack, A. Provide easier access for at-risk populations to treatment and support services by simplifying document requirements, increasing outreach programs and extending the period of eligibility for benefits. Shelters are inappropriate substitutes for long-term housing, and attempts to respond to immediate needs can deflect energy and resources from longer term initiatives. The mentally ill are overloading prisons, which render progression useless since there are not many solutions to rectify their issues

On seeing these people, in many cases, it becomes clear that they suffer from some mental disability that, unaided, will obviously impede their living a normal life. There is general agreement that deinstitutionalization has contributed to the homelesshess situation in the s Lamb, Similarly, for adult individuals during the s, the real value of general assistance benefits, in states that provided them, fell by 32 percent Hopper and Hamberg, Income and Employment Broad-based economic trends have also contributed to the growing numbers of homeless people.

The effects that each entity has on a person are comparable.

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Unemployment among minority men has remained at historically high levels U. Colson, and K.

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National Coalition for the Homeless, Other cities are more constructive.

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