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Vonnegut went through some harsh times in Dresden, which ultimately led to him writing about the tragedies and emotional effects that come with war. Hum of black machinery, humming hate and death and other hospital secrets. The majority of suffering that was inflicted on Elli and her associates was physically inflicted, In The Sirens of Titan the Tralfamadorians are literal machines themselves, but the one Tralfamadorian we see learns love and loyalty and is both human and humane.

Campbell's ideas on p.

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Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Summary It is so short and jumbled and jangled because there is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre. Should a survivor of Dresden have sympathy for the potential victims of massive bombing?

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Vonnegut, like our narrator, is a veteran of World War II, a former prisoner of war, and a witness to a great massacre, and that fact lends a certain authority to what follows. Argue for or against that assertion noting, though, that many Americans who like to censor books love to censor Sh Today, outside of a few specialized applications, the would-be metascience of cybernetics is remembered, if at all, only as a hazy prelude to modern computing and information technology. Derby had something to say, and he said it; and, in context, he's essentially right and admirable. The youngster, an advance scout with the th Infantry Division, had been captured by the Germans after wandering behind enemy lines for several days. He is still very much alive in the past, so it is very silly for people to cry at his funeral. Chief Bromden and the other patients at the ward cannot rebel against Nurse Ratched or any other hospital staff, due to their loss of independence from becoming hospitalized and isolated from society. Why is the method of narration--including the handling of point of view and even verb tense--so complex? To heal the social disfigurement caused by the lack of accommodations in civilization for those with impairments, Burgess suggests that the solution might be as simple as loving one another. This quality can be defined as a disability under these conditions, because Billy cannot connect to anyone else on Earth in relation to his time-traveling abilities. Note also destruction of Chicago and destruction of the USA as a world power. The film version of Sh-5 is a good movie and an effective anti-war statement.

Hagood, Taylor. Kafka's work is a reaction to his mental anguish, which is kind of like Vonnegut, who has dealt with the bulk of his personal hardships throughout his career, but those hardships are not his sole motivation Is Billy Pilgrim politically active enough to even select his own bumper stickers?

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Does Billy start out a victim of forces beyond his control and then become, in his passive little way, an agent for such forces? As result, Henri was taken to Paris on his fathers orders and given a Catholic tutor.

Either way, be sure to discuss the psychology of Billy Pilgrim, noting how the Tralfamadorians fit into his sane or insane view of the world and way of dealing with a world that may, itself, be more than a little mad.

This notion can become a double-edged sword: it can become liberating for some, yet extremely dangerous for others.

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Kurt Vonnegut: A Canary in a Coal Mine