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We all must overcome fears of failure and rejection to be successful and achieve what we want. But if you can shift your perspective and look at failure not as something to be ashamed of but something valuable, you can begin to understand that it's through failure that we truly learn to succeed. Yes, you want to celebrate them. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Identify your mistakes and learn from them quickly. By Richard Fenton Updated April 15, What if, starting today, you weren't afraid of failure and the word 'no' didn't stop you anymore? Go ahead and try it! And the rest, as they say, is history.

When you don't, it atrophies. Whenever you let yourself fall down, you have to learn to dust yourself off, get up, and move forward.

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But, as solution-focused therapists point out, we don't fall short all the time. Depreciative inquiry occurs when failure leads to negative self-analysis: Why do I always fall short? In the spirit of encouraging you to reexamine some of your own failures all potential learning experiencesand the potential insights that they can provide that may pave a pathway to future success, here are five examples of some of history's most incredible stories of failure and redemption.

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Find a coach, a mentor, or a friend who supports you in your efforts and has the experience to get you pointed toward your own success. Conversely, if every failure is an invitation to reacquaint ourselves with what we do at our best, then failure is merely a stepping stone toward success.

Failure is a step toward your ultimate success.

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LollyDaskal Getty Images Failure is part of life, and most certainly part of business. The company was months away from bankruptcy.

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5 Spectacular Examples of Turning Failure Into Success