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Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action. The party and Norsefire are still, even with all these relations to one each other, are on different levels of Authoritarian subjugation of their respective peasants.

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The relationship between Winston Smith and Julia tends to be more in love and sex while the relationship between V and Evey is more or less about friendship and sibling type. Whoever displays the symbol embodies their image while that which or who is indifferent to the effect.

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Anyone who has anything near contrasting thought will be hunted down, arrested, and restored. An example is that of prophecy. As with the Analysis of an Issue section, we will create some formulas to simplify the task. The whole movie is plotted around him trying to fire up the people into a revolt against the government with very extravagant explosions. However even within these comparisons, stark contrasts still persist. V for Vendetta felt like homage to while inputting its own taste in the genre of dystopian future. This presence of humanity and individualism in V for Vendetta allowed for the population to rise effectively and regain control whilst the exaggeration in the lack of humanity in made it impossible for Winston to successfully rebel and save Oceania. An important prophet, yes, but not one that was loved more by Allah than Muhammad. However the contrast between these relationships is that; Winston and Julia stays together most of the time in and in V for Vendetta, V and Evey are mostly separated the whole time. It can be dimmed down, but can never be turned off. An inch. The exaggeration in the totalitarian government style is exactly what makes both the film and the novel a satire. It is to no revelation that some of the major differences of these societies come down to methods used by the party since is an extremely implausible novel and there is no society that is on par, whether real or fictitious, with the overbearing Ingsoc.

Except one. The brainwashed hopeless sacks of skin of Oceania are uncontrollably yet honestly in love with the party and big brother. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. V realizes that the only way to unite England is by eliminating the idiosyncrasies of each individual, which he successfully achieves by transforming them into symbols which are effigies of himself.

Inthe country is lacking supplies and food for the general population and the people have to deal with the hardship while in V for Vendetta, the people are living more comfortably but are still ruled the totalitarian Norsefly Party.

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Following a montage of Evie and V, the dystopic qualities of their world are quickly revealed. The Norsefire regime also borrows from Ingsoc, among other regimes, on how the upbringing of its leader occurred. V and Big Brother transform into symbols, or embodiments of ideas, through which they propagate their influence.

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In , the proles are the only ones with any semblance of humanity in the sense of individualism left in them. It's small and it's fragile and it's the only thing in the world worth having. First I will talk about the similarities and then I will finish off with the differences, all of which will be based on factual information that I have gathered both, from the book and the mainstream media. The party and Norsefire are still, even with all these relations to one each other, are on different levels of Authoritarian subjugation of their respective peasants. Bu the use of straightforward language shown in this quote the reflection of the grim society lived by Winston is expressed. In Winston Smith had a relation with one of the party member, Julia. The movie V for Vendetta projects a very motivational and deep mood by the use of cinematography, sound, and by the amazing costume design. Similarly, for Winston Smith, the prospect of a utopian society is oddly propelling. Even though they are much more severe and ruthless in , the tactics used in these societies to keep control are fundamentally and conceptually the same.
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The Ape Philosophy: V for Vendetta vs. Comparative Essay