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But they must be authoritative and credible. Science stories can be entertaining—indeed, they should be entertaining. There was this other patient mentioned briefly in the story: Jonas, a year-old French kid. Sign up for our newsletter.

And this area of the world historically has gotten its water from low-lying glaciers in the Himalayas.

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What could be going wrong with the sea lions? And the screens display real-time data from weather stations, subway stations, streets, and dozens of city agencies. The patients invited me to these Facebook groups. Her story 23 And You illustrates just how important, readable, and shareable science writing can be.

If you do good and earnest work, t usually pays off in the long run.

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Then over the next six months Lloyd and I talked or Skyped once or twice a month. I love putting a lot of work into a piece and then putting it out there and seeing people react to it.

virginia hughes science writer

Here with some examples of innovation in the face of climate changes are Virginia Hughes. So with that caveat, it is pretty remarkable looking at some of the dozens of cities around the world that have already experienced some pretty significant changes, mostly related to flooding, warmer temperatures, and pretty extreme weather events and have come up with some clever ways to adapt.

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