What is banquet function

Menu Selection Standard menu selection with a corresponding price list, courses of menus etc is available. A deposit may be required to hold a date and particular venue; depending on the vendor, this deposit may be required even before a contract is signed and the contract may be signed shortly thereafter.

According to archaeologist Brian Hayden, feasts were an important social event either facilitated by or featuring the surplus of food, resulting in the experience gaining social and political ties and a competitive element to display one's own wealth.

It is also used to trace back the previous record of wedding function in order to invite couples to their first anniversary. Coordination is done by means of daily briefings, function information and forecast reports, personal contacts or telephone conversations. You can then provide a bar where they can purchase additional beverages.

This works very well for all event purposes, as it still allows guests to go all out on their attire, but maintains a formal feel if necessary. A fee may be administered for date changes.

function of banquet department in hotel
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Catering Service Booking Procedures for Banquet Functions